Welcome to Bayswater
The Bayswater organization was cultivated from the foundations of large consulting firms with over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in various facets of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.  We deliver solutions that leverage our clients' existing investments while formulating a roadmap that facilitates insightful, calculated, and cost-effective decisions to drive the business.

Bayswater prides itself for maintaining a close working relationship with all of its clients irrespective of size or project scope. Once we establish a relationship with our clients, we work with them to enhance the progressiveness and efficiency of their organization. Bayswater strives to be the standard of excellence that clients can come to expect by employing high-caliber professionals with expertise over a wide array of technologies and industries. Our consulting professionals undergo a stringent prequalification phase to ensure that they have the expertise that we require for our clients.

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Need advice? Don't settle for talk alone. We talk the talk, and walk the walk, too. Bayswater is here to be your primary resource for everything starting with an initial assessment to planning, designing, and implementing well-rounded solutions that meet your business goals feasibly and on target. We are commited to seeing your business succeed. End-to-end guidance and accountability for project deliverables in one; that's the Bayswater promise to each of its clients, and we won't break it.